Author: Carmine Napolitano
Title: Flying Fiat 1500
Modeling: Maya
Render: Vray
Post Processing: Photoshop

"After having enjoyed during his WIP (present here on Treddi) dedicated to the legendary Fiat 1500, Carmine Napolitano presents its Making Of the realization of this work. Exceptional creation which highlights a linear workflow and precise, without losing view the artistic and playful that such work entails. "


Hello everyone, below illustrate my workflow for the creation of my Flying Fiat 1500.

The concept from which the party has been realized by Alejandro Burdisio.


The first step was to recreate the car. Fortunately, the web is full of images of the Fiat 1500, so it was pretty easy to find the reference for modeling:


The first obstacle to overcome was making the fiat in 1500 as more like the concept because it appears distorted and somewhat '"cartoon" in its forms, so I modeled with its correct proportions and finally with the help of a deformer lattice I tried to make it look as much as possible to my reference image.


After the external body, I made some render to see the fidelity of concept:


Then I sketched some detail interior (seats, sun visors, steering ...) and began to outline the volume of the engine.


Outlined volumes overall engine I started detailing all adding cables present in the original concept (except those who interacted with the environment)




Finish the car, I focused on general volumes of envirorment ... being a concept freehand there are the proportions a bit 'forced me are greatly complicating life. Eventually with the help of deformers and a camera with an angle pushed (angle of view 83 and focal length 5,8) I think I've reached a good compromise with the concept.


Settled definitively the shot, I switched to object modeling scene, tools, trays, boxes and various gadgets. Below I show you most of the gear types of "Future tools" (invented by me) who took turns in the composition.


Prepared individually the various props, I assembled the environment:


Among the props was also a poster-style playboy, the concept is very sketchy, so I decided to reinterpret the scene to do one from a pin up girl.



Once the UV and texturing this was the first result:


Start with this base (already very similar to the concept), I decided to push a little 'photoshop adding various lighting effects and particle. The mist in the "moat", was obtained by playing with masks and blend modes (mainly multiplies and soft light) using images of dust and fuss find on google...


Then I increased the visual effect of the lights of the car to give a touch to the JJ Abrams who is very fashionable at this time, using the lens flare, applied brutally with method lighten. Finally, a touch of Levels Curve to mix and contrast all the image :)

And this was the end result:


I hope you enjoyed the end result. Until next time :)

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