Autore: Andre Bittencourt
Titolo: Excellent view of my foot
Modellazione: 3dsMax, Mudbox, Marvelous
Render: VRay
Post Processing: Photoshop

"Andre Bittencourt created in 3d a scene from the movie" Kill Bill 2 "and achieve unique results! Below you will see all the main steps of the birth of this wonderful work with an eye especially in the creation of materials . Enjoy!" 
Step 1
Reference from the movie Kill Bill 2:
Step 2
I created a blocking system for start the project; with primitive blocks and a mesh with a basic pose, I organized the whole scene:
Step 3
I have detailed the characters in Mudbox, some body parts I had to recreate to stay well made​​, the head of Pai Mei was made through a sphere, greatly increasing the subdivisions to get the details I wanted in modeling:
Step 4
With the done characters. I started the clothes in Marvelous Designer:
Step 5

The lights in the scene are VraySun + VraySky + dome light. The dome was used primarily to improve the SSS of the characters. Here are the render settings, lights, and Kiddo's hair - in the image below:
Step 6

I use VrayfastSSS2 to the skin of the characters, separated by the ID lip skin, nails and etc, as you can see in the images below, the skin of the Pai Mei and Kiddo:
Step 7

The clothes I do basically with 'falloff' and glossiness around 0.5 to 0.65, usually all fabrics I create with the same base:  
Step 8 Render Finale
Finally the Render. The image below you can see all the renders pass. For the post production was made ​​the composition of all of them,I adjusted the curves and colors of the image, I created some 'deformations' with liquify, lens correction applied ( -6 ) and the leaves were separately rendered with motion blur and mask applied in Photoshop ..

Final Image: "Excellent view of my foot"
I would like to thanks everyone who has followed the progress of the project, and opined giving some valuable tips, especially: Victor Hugo, Thiago Lima and Simon Morse.
For contact and Info: