Hi everyone!
First of all, I would like to thank Treddi.com for the opportunity to write this making of and provide some insights about one of my last projects for CGRecord Rendering Competition.
For this contest, the participants were invited to recreate the entire environment of the Crescent House designed by Saota & Antoni Associates, with the only restriction of keeping the basic house geometry as it was.


Concept & References
Before starting, it is essential to schedule the work and focus in the main concept behind the project.
The inspiration for this work emerged when I tried to imagine what could this house and its surroundings look like by creating a nature atmosphere, simple, quiet and, most importantly, that expresses a natural extension of the house into the landscape.
As a first step, I always collecte several references about the building, landscape, materials, mood and lighting that could express the concept I was after.
Here are some of the reference images.


Basic Setup
Once I gathered the references for the project, I started by configuring the units setup and the gamma. I always work with gamma 2.2 and linear workflow. Here are the general scene setup settings.

basic setup