, the first Italian site about 3D computer graphics, is proud to launch a new 3D Speed Contest Championship.
The contest is free and open to Italian and foreign artists.

The Speed ​​Championship Contest consists of 8 challenges that will take place at fixed time intervals from May 26, 2014 to December 21, 2014.
Each challenge will have a different theme and will last for only one week.
All users will be free to participate at any time of the competition because there will be not a "pre-registration".

All the participant must submit,  before the end of any challenge,  an image relevant to the proposed theme, original, technically valid and strictly 3D.
The final resolution of the image must be at least 1200px on the shorter side.
Any picture below this limit will be excluded automatically.

All 3D programs are allowed and the final image can be post processed with any 2D painting software.
It is not allowed to use third party models or models made before the beginning of the contest.
In this case, the user will be disqualified from competition for 1 turn (in addition to the current).

Before the end of the challenge each participant must create a new project in their portfolio with the final image.
It's important to assign to the image the TAG that will be indicated in the opening post of each SC.
The project with the image will be automatically hidden and will only be made visible in the gallery dedicated to the SC at the beginning of the voting phase.

To create a new project just log in, go to the Gallery section, and click on 'Add a project'.
Any image posted after the SC end time will be automatically excluded.

After the voting phase, each user can set the project visible within its own portfolio as well.

At the beginning of each challenge staff will open a thread where every user is encouraged to post their ideas and share with others the progress of their work.

At the end of each challenge all the images with the correct tag will be  made automatically ​​visible in the Contest Gallery and can be rated by other community members clicking on the "like" button.

The community final score will be calculated by normalizing the number of 'likes' into a number between 0 and 100.
Even staff will assign a score between 0 and 100 based on the technical quality and relevance to the theme.

The final score will be calculated as the average between the users and the staff score:

 SC score= (Community score + Staff score ) / 2

The score of the last match will be counted twice.

The final score, that will decide the winners of the whole competition, will be calculated as the sum of the score of each SC.
However, to calculate it, we only get the 6 images of each participant with the highest score in the various challenges (in order to not penalize those who cannot participate to all of the SC).

Please note that a Speed ​​Contest is a competition that has as its primary purpose to share 3D passion with others, the desire to learn new techniques and fun.
Nobody should feel too 'beginner to participate' because it is only trying that you can get results.

Participate in all SC and give your best in all competitions will improve yourself and, for the purposes of the challenge, help you to not lose your championship rank.

The start dates of the SC will be:

- Monday 26 May
- Monday 23 June
- Monday 21 July

----> Summer Holidays

- Monday 25 August
- Monday 22 September
- Monday 20 October
- Monday 17 November
- Monday 15 December (The last challenge)

These are the final prizes:

- A license of Thea Render (without node) + a plugin chosen by the user (value 320€ )
- 15 Download from (max value 300€)

- 10 Download from (max value150€ )

- 5 Download from (max value 75€)

In addition to this, the winner will have the Medal "Speed ​​Contest Master" of and its portfolio will have a high visibility in the Gallery and on the Home Page.

The awards will represent both the quality of the 3D work and the commitment in the community.