ITALIAN VERSION CLICK HERE >>>, the first Italian site about 3D computer graphics, is proud to launch a new contest for 3D artists called Creative Buildings. The purpose of the contest is to realize one or more 3D renderings of a building that can be easily categorized as "unusual" and with a creative shape.

The contest is free and open to Italian and foreign artists.

The contest will take place on forum from 16 Nov 2015 to 31 Jan 2016 at 23:59:59 (GMT+1 Italian Time).


At the end of the contest a public vote and a jury composed by Mr Pawel Podwojewski (MOTIV Studio), Mr Dimitris Batis and Ms Edvige Faini will choose the best three images that will receive a prize from our sponsors The FoundryChaosGroup, DesignConnected, iCube R&D groupLUMINA3DCONNEXION and Wood Moon & Wine with the following gifts:

1st prize

2nd prize

3rd prize:  

The contest will award the quality of the 3D works and will support the sharing of creative ideas in the community.

The purpose of the contest is mainly to allow forum members and artists around the world to share their art, creative ideas, tips and ultimately become more skilled when challenging the problems related to the creation of 3D CG images.

In order to participate, participants must open a new thread in the Creative Buildings Forum where they can periodically share their work in progress, receive comments from other users, and ask them for advices.

In order to participate to the final voteeach participant must upload, before the closing date, all the final images in a new portfolio project*, and assign the "creative_buildings" tag to it: in this way the project will be automatically inserted in the gallery contest.
*Remember that, in order to create a new project in your portfolio, you must log in to the site, access your portfolio and click the "Add a project" button.
The upload date will be the date registered by Every image sent after the closing date of the contest will be automatically excluded.


The theme of the contest is "Creative Buildings": The goal is to produce one or more renderings of the exterior of a building with an unusual and "creative" shape.

This building must be original and made exclusively for the contest. It must be inserted in a context and, even if structural calculations are not required, the building must "reasonably" stands.

For all the indoor and outdoor decorations (e.g. lamps, benches, trees, cars etc.) existing 3D meshes realized by 3rd parties or self-made before the contest, are allowed.

Any 3D program is allowed and the final images can be post processed with any 2D painting software.

At the end of the contest will ask the winners to produce a "Making Of" that will be published exclusively on for the benefit of all users.


After the closing date of the contest all the projects tagged with 'creative_buildings' will be automatically visible in a dedicated gallery section and can be voted by all's members with a "like".

One week later only 10 projects (plus ex aequo) who got the highest number of "likes" will progress to the final phase of the competition, where the jury will vote the finalists and will select the winners.


Through this regulation participants expressly accept not to use the competition to distribute any material that could be false and/or defamatory, libelous, untrue, inaccurate, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, offensive to certain religions, sexual, threatening, invasive of someone’s privacy or not complying with current legislation. The submitted material will be subject to the unquestionable judgment of, who has the right to refuse contest images, if the above criteria are not respected.
All the rights for the material submitted to the competition remain property of the authors.
All the participants authorize to publish, print or distribute by any digital, paper or analogue media (existing or to be invented) any material sent to the contest, for publishing occasions or events organized by Partecipants and authors, by accepting these rules, renounce to any rights for publication. commits to mention the names of the authors for each of the cases above.


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