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Low-Cost Digital Double Creation Pipeline



The theme of these videotutorials is the creation of 3D scan of a human face from a series of photos .           
This scan will be reworked to allow the creation of, what is known in the field of VFX, a Digital Double . The tutorial consists of 18 video lessons for a total of over 3 hours of video and all the projects and images needed to follow the tutorial:       

  • 01. Intro - Trailer
  • 02. Scanning with 123D Catch (duration 9m:18s)
  • 03. Manual Stitching in 123D Catch(duration 9m:52s)
  • 04. Mesh Cleaning in 123D Catch (duration 9m:53s)
  • 05. Mesh Welding in Maya 2014 (duration 12m:02s)
  • 06. Mesh Fixing in Mudbox 2014 and Project Memento (duration 9m:59s)
  • 07. Mesh Cleaning in Mudbox 2014 (duration 9m:49s)
  • 08. Check model proportion in Mudbox 2014 (duration 5m:45s)
  • 09. Retopologize Tool in Mudbox 2014 - Part 01 (duration 10m:13s)
  • 10. Retopologize Tool in Mudbox 2014 - Part 02 (duration 9m:50s)
  • 11. Edit Topology in Maya 2014 (duration 7m:48s)
  • 12. Edit Topology in Topogun 2 (duration 11m:28s)
  • 13. Finalyze the model in Maya & UV Unwrapping - Part 1 (duration 10m:13s)
  • 14. Finalyze the UV Unwrapping in UVLayout (duration 12m:33s)
  • 15. Reproject Details in Mudbox 2014 (duration 19m:15s)
  • 16. Check Proportions in Mudbox 2014 (duration 12m:21s)
  • 17. Texture Projection in Mudbox 2014 (duration 21m:02s)
  • 18. Texture Editing in Mudbox 2014 (duration 19m:26s)

videos, viewable in streaming in a reserved area of Treddi.com, are optionally available both in Italian and in English and you can see them forever with no restrictions.

01_Intro.mp4 from treddi on Vimeo.

Video introduction to the course.

Used software

To record the lessons the teacher used the following software: 123D Catch , Maya 2014 , Mudbox 2014 , Project Memento Headus UV Layout and Topogun 2 . However, being the formula based on the teaching method , and not just on the result, you can apply these techniques even on other equivalent software .

Who is the course for

The videos are aimed to all those people who want to learn a job workflow that allows the creation of a "low cost" 3D scans from a series of simple pictures. Specifically in this tutorial you can learn the facial scan (which is the most complex), but the techniques described in the videos are easily applicable to any kind of object.

The Price

The price of the service is 115 € + VAT.
The payment can be done via wire transfer or credit card (PAYPAL).
The invoice will be send via email.

How to buy the service

In order to have access to video tutorials simply fill out the form below and follow the instructions for payment which will arrive via email. You will then receive instructions on how to access the video tutorials.


For any question please don't hesitate to ask using the following email:  info@treddi.com

Model_Final.mov from treddi on Vimeo.

The final model.

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