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Nic ola

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When Lockdown Ends

Inviata da Nic ola il 25/lug/2020 08:37:26 - 923 visualizzazioni.
When Lockdown Ends

Image winner at Cityscape Digital competition hosted by MADI Master in Venice and the "Excellence Award" on TheRookies.co awards.



This emergency has forced us into our homes, returning to our countries of origin we have rediscovered the value of being together, in a cohabitation, even if forced, with our families we have had to face an unforeseen threat but which has undoubtedly made us develop new convictions about our role in relation to family members, especially the most vulnerable.

Villages, small towns, historic districts, are the places where living together has always characterized even the architectural form of living space, this emergency has strengthened our bond with our neighbors making them part of one big family fighting alongside. And it is there that the image is set: it represents the end of quarantine, the exact moment when it will be possible to relate freely in the street, as we have always been used to, to see children playing, tourists crowding the alleys of our historic cities, and finally live without social distancing.


Watch it in full resolution on Behance:




Mi piace
Piace a 15 persone


E pensa che il mapping è minimo perché "dipinto a mano" su substance painter! Hahahahahahah

Vabe ragazzi dai è andata così sta volta, un bacione ???

Il 27/7/2020 at 12:18 , Pix ha scritto:

Si...io avevo già visto ieri l'immagine ma non avevo messo il like proprio perchè ero rimasto colpito sia dall'impatto iniziale ma anche...


ottimo lavoro. bravo! 


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