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Notre Dame de Paris

Inviata da Miysis Studio 3D il 30/apr/2019 10:19:31 - 1.484 visualizzazioni.
Notre Dame de Paris

Hello everyone,

Miysis wants to pay tribute to Notre Dame de Paris with a series of images showing a personal version of what we believe could be a respectful reconstruction of an edifice that has endured for generations. We would want our proposition to evoke both its traditional structure whilst also taking on the ambitious challenge of developing a new vision that is more deeply rooted in our present.

So that Notre Dame may not only recover her original beauty and continue her journey through time but also remain a striking and powerful symbol for all future generations to come.

This is our vision for the future of Notre Dame de Paris, knowing full well that not a single proposition will be met with unanimous approval and that only simplicity and restraint are appropriate for this building that is above all a religious, historic and cultural space. We have no intention of submitting or even promoting this project.

With these images, we only wanted to share our vision with you.

If you want to know more about our work on Notre Dame de Paris, see more pictures and download 4K pictures, feel free to visit : https://notre-dame-paris.miysis.be

Long live Notre Dame.

These images can be used freely for publication, as long as they are properly attributed to Miysis.

Do not hesitate to go to our Facebook page if you want more photos or infos : https://www.facebook.com/235548289880988/posts/1688979104537892/


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Carino il render ma per il resto un progetto simile mi fa orrore.

Viene considerata come un qualunque rooftop di un centro commerciale da cui godersi il panorama. È un luogo di...


You could add more photos here too. People would click on your website anyway...



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