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Lucia Frascerra

Lucia Frascerra

Country: UK

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Inviata da Lucia Frascerra il 17/giu/2018 00:00:00 - 3.860 visualizzazioni.
Before you go

This image is inspired by the play "Fish Eye" by Lucas Kavner, a funny and emotional raw portrait of a couple struggling to hold on to one another without losing themselves. 
In the scene, Anna and Max, the two main characters, are in their home in Manhattan. At some point in the play, Anna decides to move from NYC to Los Angeles to study and follow her dreams, leaving Max behind.
The image shows a specific moment, a few days before Anna's departure. It's morning, Max lies awake in bed, pensive, thinking about his relationship with Anna, wishing she would have chosen him over her dreams.

3Ds Max + Vray + Photoshop

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bello lucia,ottimo processo da raw a immagine finale...e bella composizione.

Complimenti come sempre


Chapeau! Quando un'opera d'arte digitale ha un background così emozionale ci sta tutto


Meritato TUTTO complimenti!!!!!


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